1980’s Pop and Social Media Today 

I attended this weeks Social Media Advertising conference held at the excellent Cavendish Conference Centre .  This was the latest seminar by http://www.influencepeople.com/ and having won a free ticket from http://www.chinwag.com I was looking forward to it.

To be honest a lot of the content was very basic and repetitive but there were some gems and whilst waiting for the coffee break it struck me that some 1980’s music sums up Social Media quite aptly.

“Stop!  Collaborate and Listen”. Well we must all know that lyric from the legendary Vanilla Ice.  You have the aforementioned Vanilla Ice (which my wife describes as a masterpiece) and also the excellent soul2soul.   “Be objective, Be selective, be an asset to the collective“.

Matt Dicks said “Social Media – my favourite waste of time”  Thanks @juliebee for telling that it was indeed Owen Paul with another 80’s “classic”

So what did I get from the conference?

Aside from remembering that the 80’s truly were awful to our ears the following popped out to me

  • Social Media Video: 20% of most popular online video is UGC.
  • Advertising & Social – We no longer control a large amount of content we create
  • Social advertising encourages conversation rather than persuasion. Embrace participation says @MattAtkinson.
  • Content Vs Context – surely it is Content in context, no?
  • When is a video viral and when is it content?
  • FourSquare: : “Reward loyal customers and drive engagement through competition @rubenbaston

We must realise that Facebook, LinkedIn etc give us instant access to our audience and the message we convey must be relevant.  We must ask our audience to interact – their feedback is relevant.  Their interaction is key.  Their feedback is instant.  The main point I got from SMA #smmuk10 is to adopt the “best buddy” attitude rather than “Big Brother”.  See Nestle on Facebook for how not to do it!

A “Like” on Facebook promotes your message to that friends friends.  What other media gives us that degree and speed of promotion.

Finally, content must be relevant and relevancy is key.

A big thank you to @charliesaidthat as there is no need to take notes when Charlie is tweeting!

Oh well, “Back to life; Back to reality, back to the here and now”