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Since twitter has gone mainstream, it is considered as one of the best social media services to market and promote your business/service on the web. I’ve been using various twitter clients for last 3 years and each one of them was more or less the same offering basic twitter management. I started with web interface, and soon switched to twhirl, then to seesmic, tweetdeck, hootsuite and many more. The problem that I faced was (and probably you also) that none of them provided me all the required tools at one place to make most out of twitter.

Recently, I came across a twitter application that’s more than just being a typical twitter client. It’s called MarketMeSuite, but I prefer to call it – “Swiss Army Knife for Twitter Marketing”. The array of features offered by this application can cater almost every need of a twitter power user. So let’s get started and check out some of the most exciting features of this unique application.

This is something unique to MarketMeSuite that makes it stand apart from all other twitter applications. MarketMeSuite gives you the ability to brand your every single tweet by placing custom clickable link beneath each tweet.

You can create multiple custom links per twitter account with attention-grabbing anchor texts to effectively leverage this useful feature. Use your imagination and craft the most alluring anchor texts to increase the probability of clicks. I’ve tested this in one of my twitter accounts and witnessed about 37% increase in traffic coming through my tweets compared to the same period (15 days) prior to implementing this option. Since I’m not publicly associated with this account, I cannot share the twitter handle, but I do have web analytics reports to share with you.

15 Days Period After Implementing Tweet Branding

For best results, test and tweak each custom link against the number of clicks each one of them attracts in a given time frame. This feature follows a simple rule. The more adventurous you are, the more birds are in your kitty

Powerful Marketing Suite

Branding alone doesn’t guarantee success, unless it is combined by intuitive marketing initiatives. And that’s where MarketMeSuite’s marketing suite comes handy. It works behind the scenes and diligently grows your twitter influence while you do other stuff. Divided into four sub-modules, it provides all the nifty tools to connect with highly targeted tweeple in your niche.

Reply Campaigns – Do you regularly try to search and follow relevant tweeps through twitter custom search? If yes, what’s your strategy to engage with them and making a connection? Often, when we run a custom search on a twitter client/service, the continuous stream of tweets is so rapid that we find ourselves as mere spectators. Reply campaigns lets you create unlimited reply templates and present you with the most relevant and targeted users based on the keyword list provided by you. You can rapidly engage with these users through pre-loaded replies making the whole process easier, faster and result-oriented.

Initially, you have to spend some time creating your bucket of reply templates. Once you are done with it, build your keyword list to get the most relevant tweets. Now on one hand you’ll have a bucket full of reply templates and on other, a list of targeted users. From here onwards, picking each tweet and shooting the most relevant reply tweet (from templates bucket) is a cakewalk. The whole process is so engaging and initiates a chain reaction flooding your inbox with follow intimations by twitter. Building reply templates is a one-time process and can be optimized and reused in each campaign.

RSS Manager – As the name implies, this module lets you automatically tweet unlimited RSS feeds. You can prepend custom phrase/information (optional) in each tweet as per your requirement.
Follow Users – MarketMeSuite is completely twitter compliant and never automates the follow/unfollow process that may result in your account suspension. Instead of automating this critical process, it helps you in finding the right users to follow and engage with. These targeted users are based on keyword list provided by you in reply campaigns. Once you are presented with relevant tweeps, you are in full control whom to follow and whom not to. This module helps you widen your network and keeps your tweet stream free of junk.

Unfollow Users – And last but not the least is ‘Unfollow Users’ module that complements the previous module discussed above. MarketMeSuite smart algorithms filters (not unfollow) the most irrelevant and stagnant accounts and present them for your consideration. It’s your decision whom to unfollow and whom to keep in your list.

Advanced Scheduler

MarketMeSuite has the most advanced tweet scheduler that lets you schedule your tweets in 3 different ways. No other twitter application offers this much flexibility for scheduling of tweets.
Regular Scheduling – This is the most common way to schedule tweets where you manually copy paste each tweet and schedule it. MarketMeSuite segregates all your tweets on weekly, monthly and yearly basis for better management. This makes reviewing and editing much easier as compared to searching the whole bunch at a single place.

Scheduling Through Google Calendar – Now this is something revolutionary. MarketMeSuite gives you the ability to schedule your tweets via Google Calendar. How does this benefit you? Well, you can use this powerful feature to schedule your tweets from iPhone, Blackberry, Andriod or just about any mobile device supporting Google Calendar. So don’t worry if you’re away from your desktop
Bulk Import of Tweets – This is yet another unique feature giving you an option to schedule large number of tweets in one go. You can either copy paste the entire collection of tweets in the text box or import the text file containing all your tweets.

Tweet Format for Bulk Import

Tweet format for user-defined date and time.%T% this is a tweet %D% mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss
Tweet format for fixed interval tweeting.%T% this is a tweet %D%
Example: %T% this is a tweet %D% 07/20/2010 17:38:16
Note: Each tweet should be on a separate line in a text file.

As shown above, each tweet should follow a pre-defined format for correct parsing by the scheduling engine. If you’re not explicitly mentioning the date-time of tweets, you have the option of tweeting them at fixed intervals (10, 20, 30 minutes and so on…).

Miscellaneous Features of MarketMeSuite

Facebook integration on a separate tab. Update your wall, manage your fan pages and much more.Send-to-all feature lets you send a tweet to multiple twitter accounts in one go.Google URL Builder helps you track your twitter traffic effectively in Google Analytics.Geo-targeting and language options ensure you’re connecting with the right people.Customizable and expandable panes. Daily emails for @ mentions to keep track whose talking about you.Optional auto-follow option.Multiple url-shortners with api key integration to track your integration to post to your preferred social media service.Excellent support services and forums.Did I mentioned you can add UNLIMITED twitter accounts to MarketMeSuite? Yup, no limits on the number of twitter accounts you can use with MarketMeSuite

Why not check out this killer twitter application and see what it can do for you.

MarketMeSuite : Swiss Army Knife For Twitter Marketing

Building a large twitter following was never the same with new MarketMeSuite. This awesome and powerful twitter marketing tool has everything in the arsenal to make you a twitter ninja.

Killer Brand Management – NO other twitter tool offer this. Get a customized back link with every single tweet. Leverage the available real estate to the fullest and at the same time brand your every single tweet with YOUR choice of landing page. Reclaim Your Brand Now!

Powerful Marketing Suite – It’s the powerhouse that gives you the flexibility to filter & interact with targeted tweeps (reply campaigns), automate RSS tweeting, follow/unfollow targeted tweeps and much more. Check out MarketMeSuite Now!
Unlimited Accounts (Forever) – You can add unlimited accounts to MarketMeSuite without any restrictions. This is contrary to other tools that limits the number of accounts that can be used at the same time. Grab Your MarketMeSuite Copy Now!

Article Written by Rajeev Edmonds, Mint Blogger